5S Effective Executive Education

TNW Abbot Worsted Mill 2Business is simple. Searching “Books on Business” on Amazon returns “over 30,000” titles. Lots of it is garbage but there are true gems in there. The point is that the knowledge of how to be successful in business is cheap and very plentiful. What’s missing is converting that knowledge into habit. This is where it gets hard. It’s the same as knowing that diet and exercise are what lead to a healthy body but yet 72% of Americans are overweight and 43% are obese. Knowledge isn’t the obstacle. The 5S Effective Executive Education is a collaborative course designed to discover and develop with the instructor the tools that enable each person to reliably build the habits necessary for success in business. The course lasts a full year and meets once a month for 90 minutes to work on systematic discovery and development of the tools necessary for each person’s unique business success using “The Executive in Action” by Peter Drucker as the textbook.